What interest is charged to the credit card?

The invoice came and with it the interest. Surely last month you must have gone through some setback. Late payment, debt installment or minimum payment, see what interest is charged to your credit card. As we mentioned in another post, if you only pay the minimum invoice or anything other than the total, you get […]

What is a p2p loan?

In recent years, more and more loan models have emerged and P2P or peer to peer loans are a result of the growing trends in digitalisation and sharing economy. The increased digitization and interest in sharing economy has created a need for alternative loans and credit opportunities. What does P2P or peer to peer mean? […]

How to Refinance a Vehicle – Car Loans

  Getting an extra income to repay a debt or afford a new project can be tricky. Financing is a good option, but may charge a high interest rate. Consortia have the peculiarity of time, granting credit only after a long period. But with vehicle refinancing option, getting credit has become easier and more advantageous. […]